Co-Create a Living Garden Paradise!

Vibrant Communities based on Radiant Health & Living Foods. A Village that is in Co-Creation with Plant Life, Bee Life, Tree Life & All of Nature’s Bounty! A Village that thrives on Life! A Village that wraps gardens about tiny houses. On a Living Foods Garden Village residents thrive in See more details

Gardens, Gardeners, Gardening!!!

The layout of the garden village is depicted by the various land choices. As of now a 300 acres parcel is available and it has a mountain backyard for hiking; it has two areas of pasture land that can be subdivided into 10-2 acre lots with tiny small home ideas. We are not seeking mansions; we are s See more details

Co-Create a Living Foods Legacy

Share Your Visions & Ideas and Co-Create a Legacy of Living and a Thriving Peaceful Community. Join us in-person during a 10-Day Living Foods Lifestyle Retreat, a fun Excursion to Costa Rica or share your ideas and suggestions via our On-Line Survey and Contact Us Information See more details

Our first desire is to create a Living Food Garden Village on pristine acreage in Virginia. We have found a desired 303 acres of a diverse parcel of beautiful land. We want to start with 8-12 families or participants who want to co-create perennial gardens.

In this village we envision 8 tiny-house eco-friendly homes on this permaculture based solar garden village. Each home purchasing its own two acres within the village. We are hoping to attract Living Food enthusiasts who love to garden and share Radiant Health.

The Ann Wigmore Foundation® will be a core member and will purchase its own two acres as a community member and envisions a beautiful guest house that will have an ongoing missionary program for people who would love to stay for up to two months to live the lifestyle and participate in the community gardens for revitalization reversal of dis-ease and support.


Guests of the farm village will be offered a practical, general understanding of the many complementary facets of a Living Foods Lifestyle® Program. Activities will include "Hands On" participation in food preparation techniques, indoor jar sprouting, dehydration, and lots more. The program will also offer classes in composting, as well as greenhouse gardening of buckwheat, sunflower and wheatgrass sprouts.

The vision of a Living Foods Garden Villages is created by Susan Lavendar, current director of The Ann Wigmore Foundation®, (AWF). The AWF was founded by Ann Wigmore and operated in Boston for 32 years. It is now located in a radiant oasis, high in the desert of enchanting New Mexico in the shadow of Mount Taylor, one of the scared mountains of the Native American Four sacred Directions.

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hpvirginialfgvWe need to transition to a Simple, Healthy, Happy Lifestyle on Earth. This is a Way! We need Living People to Grow & Eat Living Foods to Carry on a Living Legacy to Create these Villages. Do you want to live a lifestyle where we are immersed in natural beauty, surrounded by pure foods and like-hearted community ensuring radiantly healthy living!! Do you want to Breathe pure fresh air and experience incredible joy in life? Our vision is to create living food garden villages throughout the world. Starting here in the United States. We are considering four states Virginia, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona and we're open to land ideas and donations.

Based on the Living Foods Lifestyle® developed by the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, a pioneer in the use of wheatgrass and living foods to sustain optimum physical radiance and mental health.

The Living Foods Lifestyle® includes:

  • Wheatgrass hygiene
  • Colon Health Care
  • Energy Soups & Rejuvelac
  • Green house gardening
  • Sprouting
  • Indoor Greens
  • VeggieKraut & Seed Cheese
  • Dehydration 

Although we love the Ann Wigmore Teachings and want to apply many of them in village life our exposure to The Essene Gospel Of Peace by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely has had such a profound impact on our health, well being and consciousness as well; we feel that the integration of its core teachings in community living resonates as truth.

This is some of what The Essene Gospel of Peace emphasizes:

  • Periodic Water Fasting to maintain radiant internal purity.
  • Exposure to the nourishing sunshine for health.
  • Simple food combining for maximum nutrient assimilation.
  • The drinking of raw vegan seed milks for nourishment.
  • The emphasis on breathing deeply and chewing slowly with prayer and gratitude.

We are open and grateful to the donating of land! We seek people who want to live with at least an 80% raw and living food vegan lifestyle. Open to the other 20% healing cooked food. The Living Food Garden Villages are natural environments that honor human health, safety & dignity ( alcohol-free and free of meat, dairy, eggs & animal products ).


Co-Visionary & Founder

Susan Lavendar, Living Foods Garden Planet

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Pure Living Foods from Organic Seeds planted with Love & Ahimsa can empower a world without cancer & suffering!

Benefits of Wheat Grass

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