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Vibrant Communities based on Radiant Health & Living Foods
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Please Support and Join in the creation of the first Living Foods Garden Village!

Living Foods Garden Village ...

is an alternative subdivision integrating environmentally conscious development with energy efficient tiny homes, while encouraging local self sufficiency in a sense of neighborhood with like minded garden lovers.

With Living Foods as an emphasis for a (die-it), Live-it. Living Foods is the emphasis in this community's village ...

We are a Vegetarian Community

The focus on village community life is sustainable gardening being responsible for our own food supply so we use oil & gas as little as possible.

Plans to seek an evolving group of household villagers to develop core ideals which define and guide us as a community.

Some ideals:

  • Land Stewardship and Trust
  • Economic self-reliance
  • Voluntary simplicity

W are not affiliated with any religious organization, though interest in The Essene Gospel Of Peace is a guideline advancing us in the wisdom of Living Food Education.


Varied individual interests include, organic gardening, homesteading, perennial garden design, permaculture, alternative energy, art, dance, music, natural healing, spirituality, home birthing and writing.

Our foundation is an educational retreat center for both youth and adults, a place of personal retreat, a community "live-icated" to the way of council, honoring spiritual practice in all traditions, service to others, and stewardship of the land.

Community based on Sharing and Compassion

"We believe that transition from an animal based diet to an herbivorous one is nothing less than the next evolutionary step the greatest hope there is for peace on earth."

The Ann Wigmore Foundation outreach program is geared toward educating the public on this topic.


Co-Visionary & Founder
Susan Lavendar

If you are interested in becoming a community member at the Living Foods Garden Village, please call Susan Lavendar at (505) 552-0595, or write:

The Living Foods
Garden Village Project

c/o Ann Wigmore Foundation
P.O. Box 398
San Fidel, NM 87049

To Donate:
contact Susan at:
or call (505) 552-0595

Experience renewed vitality, emotional balance, and spiritual strength!!
Enroll in a 10-day reTREAT program at The Ann Wigmore Foundation in sunny New Mexico

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